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Im here to brind this community some life so let me introduce myself *ahem* Im charlotte im a filmaholic definatly and the cinema is like my second home! I also like cats and ally mcbeal but thats beside the point. I'm always on the look out for new lj friends just to drop a hint lol. Anyway Films!

The last one I saw was batman beggins and it wasnt bad at all lol this saturday im off to see war of the worlds cause that looks fantastic!! anyone seen it?

My favorite film so far is House of wax what is everyone elses fav?

my list.

The quick and the dead
Batman beggins
Die hard
House of Wax
Phantom of the opera
.......................... I've kinda forgotten im sure there are more films inbetween lol and they arent my fav thats just my recent seen films n some werent at the cinema for example die hard lol I just thought id watch it. lol
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