Fat Girls Have The Nicest Accessories (chemical_junkie) wrote in akindofloving,
Fat Girls Have The Nicest Accessories


so, been a while since i've written anything in here.
but now people are starting to join so i figured i should at least make the effort to start some kind of discussion.

so,i thought a kinfa fun thing to do would be for, say each month i-or someone else, recomends a good (british) film that they've seen and think everyone else should see, and then we can all talk about it...........it's just an idea, but if you like it then let me know.

This months film is going to be


Directed by Guy Richie, staring Vinnie Jones an Brad Pit(with the coolest damn accent ever!)

There's loads of cool stuff about this film at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0208092/

If that doesn't work just try www.imbd.com and search for snatch.

I think it's a great film...........what do you guys think?
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